Monday, July 16, 2012


we now have close to 400 dresses now, a shipment for Africa will go out in Aug,meanwhile, DRESS A GIRL AROUND THE WORLD contacted us  & asked if we could send some to Cambodia,so today was a fun sweat shop kind of day lol! making sure all the ties were secure, tags sewed on that they provide,dress52

we will get our first shipment out this Wed. I surprised them with their pincushions today!pin01 dress50

visitors are always welcome to join in, so glad to have Faye's cousin Re with us today, dress51

Lee doing a great job sewing on the  Dress A Girl Around The World tags ondress53100_5529

Carolyn(we call her Mother) actually she is the pastors wife’s mother lol! dress54

Faye learned to sew today, she caught on quick & did great!


12 dresses per bag of each size ranging from size 3 mo to 14, taking that first shipment to the post office Wed. is going be exciting! we are excited & overjoyed as to what God is doing with this Ministry & how doors are beginning to open to bless little ones around the world


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Cyn said...

I think that is so wonderful what you are doing!! Not just making the dresses but what wonderful fellowship!