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 We begin with chapters one and two and a blog hop , share your thoughts of chapters one & two & link up with

I love this taken from page 23221520875392473338_HP55pSuJ_b[1]

how true this is, we will always face things that are out of our control but we have the choice whether or not we let it get us out of control,we had no control, over the tornado that came through and even a year later of still repairing from the damage we still praise him for putting that hedge of protection around us, there's still  a lot of ugly all around but when my eyes are on the vision I see beauty God has for my home

I love Lysa’s story about the missing towels in chapter one,it reminds us how easy it is to become unglued, mind you I don’t get  down right mad but I can get irritated lol! my minds goes back to  a particular night when I was having a Christmas open house for family & friends, one tree in the living room decided to fall over, humm no problem I can stand it back up & fluff it out, I proceed to set out my buffet of goodies then  bam! I hear a crash, there it is lying on the floor again this time breaking some of the ornaments,deep breath , pick it up rearrange things,walk through the house to give myself approval of each room lol then bam! now that 3rd time just tore it! it was over! I was not doing it anymore, I told  hubby leave it where it lays! I’m done! I proceed to call everyone to tell them the tour of lights has been canceled & do you know they all came anyway!!! I could of smacked them all with love of course lol! they proceed to ask why’s all the lights off I say because there is no party going on here then they enter the living room & ask why’s the tree in floor, yea at this point I feel myself coming unglued lol they’re all laughing going through the house ohhhing & awwwwing eating their Christmas goodies & all i can think about is that mess in the middle of my living room floor, before it was over with they had me laughing too for you see if you’re plugged into Jesus then when you come unglued you can have peace in your madness





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