Wednesday, December 18, 2013


HEBREWS 13:2 Be not forgetful to entertain strangers for thereby some have entertained Angels unawares


for a few years now I have been doing the same two day Christmas show and every year it seems the Lord puts someone new in my path, whether it be a customer or a fellow vender, this dear sweet lady has been doing the same show way longer than me but with the show being so big I just met her personally three years ago,  a friend who also does this show is always set up on the other side just a few tables down from her, this sweet lady began to share with my friend about her grandson & asking for prayer, my friend came over to the other side of the building & got me saying I need you to meet someone,as we shared with her the goodness of the power of prayer, well you could say we had church right there around her booth, with tears she hugged & kissed me thanking me, I took  a deep breath thanking the lord for being there to be a blessing that day  & returned to my booth,it was  also that same year when we had such a blow here in Ala with the tornado,as the show was ending that night at 9:00PM, all the venders were tidying up exchanging be careful's, see you in the morning & so on

Things were so different in the dark, with street lights gone, neighborhoods gone it was hard to get my baring even though I’d been this way many times before, thus turning onto a wrong road, I suddenly realized I had went the wrong way, there was nothing but total darkness ,I can hear friends voices echoing how many times I gotta tell you take your cell phone! take your GPS!my only defense was I didn’t need them so much as I’ve been this way before many times but I did need something, I needed help

cell phones , the GPS’s are all good things to have as I recalled thinking if I’d had mine all I’d have to do would be click home & it’s take me home, how easy it is to depend on modern technology, as I began to cry out to the Lord  it seemed I’d be driving forever as I watched the clock ticking away another hour, there was still darkness all around me but now there was an eeriness, I knew I was not in a good place, I remember crying & telling the Lord this is it, you’ve got to help me or beam me up for I cannot bear the terror that is coming

then off in the distance I saw a gas station light except it was unusually high up , I was drawn to it, as I drove towards it, a peace began to fill my car, down to my very soul, it seemed an hour before I reached that sign & when I did I realized where I was, I now could head home

The next morning as I drove back towards the show, I thanked the Lord once again for keeping a hedge of protection around me, as I shared with my friend the ordeal, the show coordinator  came over & said I know where you were & I’ll tell you this, that was God  that got you outta there for you were in a bad place & anything could of happened to you

As I go across the room to check on  the sweet lady whom I’d met the day before, the sweet little thing grabbed me with tears in her eyes saying, when she’d got home & went to bed , the lord woke her up & told her to pray for me, she said after she prayed, got back into bed , he woke her again & said pray again, she said she brought down the heavens praying for me for about 30 minutes then there was a peace & went back to bed, I told her that was the moment when I begged the Lord to help me or beam me up, now the three of us are crying, hugging, customers, venders not understanding but we understood it for we knew God had showed up & showed himself mightily!

Never take for granted the people you meet, had I not met my sweet Angel that day I may not be here today ,we ran to each other this year hugging, laughing, sharing,we exchanged address’s, emails etc. excited for what's’ to come!

Never take for granted the people you meet for the next stranger you meet may just be your Angel unaware!


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