Wednesday, June 25, 2014



I need thee every hour most precious Lord

No tender voice  like thine

Can peace afford

I need thee oh I need thee

Every hour I need thee

O  bless me now my savior

I come to thee

while standing  at her kitchen sink a young wife & mother Annie Hawks began the feel a sweet presence around her as she wondered how could anyone live without the Lord in joy or pain, it was in that moment  the words I need thee every hour  begin to  flow form her lips

I need thee every hour

it was sixteen years later she writes about how a great shadow fell over her life as she faced the lost of her husband, her mind went back to those words I need thee every hour in joy or pain, the song  the Lord had given her  16 years earlier was what brought comfort & peace during her storm

(Psalms 86:7) says In the days of my trouble I will call upon thee for thou will answer me 

We may not understand every storm that we face in our lives but we can be assured that he will always be there to see us through

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