Thursday, September 24, 2015




walking away doesn't always mean literally walk away, not everyone can walk with us on every journey whether they be friend family or foe, it is in these times we must focus on the journey we started on & where it is leading us, so many times the enemy will try to pull you off to the side of the road, & when you find yourself hitting your head against the rock it is then he swoops in & tries to destroy the purpose of your journey, it is in these times we must shake ourselves... & keep walking, it doesn't mean you don't love, you simply recognize the source of the problem, for we wrestle not against flesh & blood but rulers of darkness & wickedness in high places, wipe the dirt from your shoes, pray for that hedge of protection & place it in God's hand , we can't fight spiritual battles alone , the battles not mine said little David, Lord it's thine, Lord I'm in your favor, I give it all to you, I know not what to do, Lord I give it to you, keep on praying, keep on believing but do not pull off the side of your road to try to fix it, keep going & know God's got this!

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