Thursday, April 14, 2011


You know as I was praying 3 full weeks I mourned The first few days were normal Did not know what was in store The devil gathered round me Said oh Daniel where's your Lord I said he's not come by yet So I'll just pray some more ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This old song is a favorite of some for me to sing from time to time it reminds us that like Daniel the enemy will try to discourage us when we're standing firm on our faith, especially when the answer doesn't come when we think it out to,Daniel didn't give up , he prayed 3 times a day for 21 days, that's a long time to stand firm the last course of this song goes like this ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The 21st day is dawning But somethings different today The devil was not present To hinder me when I prayed Behold a hand just touched me And I hear the good lord say Oh Daniel my beloved son I hear you that first day And I kept on praying I kept on praying Yes I prayed 3 times a day to my Lord ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you're believing God for something today, I encourage you to stand firm, know that he heard you that first day & know that the answer will come in his timing right on time just when you need it

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Deanna said...

Excellent reminder to keep praying!

God bless,