Thursday, April 7, 2011


This is the day which the Lord hath made, we will rejoice and be glad in it

Enter into his gates with thanksgiving and into his courts with praise, be thankful unto him and bless his name for the Lord is good and his truth endureth to all generations

PSALM 118:24 & PSALM100:4-5

If you woke this morning you have something to rejoice about, a fresh new day to choose what to do with,in everything we do lets give him praise in the good times as well as the bad times

I listen as a friend crys out to God for a job, waiting is a hard thing at times but Ps.27:14 reminds us that if we wait on the Lord & be of good courage, he will strengthen our hearts, he reminds us to wait on him, it is during the time of waiting that the enemy begins to dig a pit that we may become entangled with the cares & worries of this life & fall in, becoming discouraged, losing all sight of the promise & the dream God laid out, feasting on Gods word is food for the soul & strengthens the spirit giving strength to look up & the faith to come out of that pit of hopelessness

Ps.119:66 says teach me good judgement and knowledge for I have believed thy commandments

when we pray we should use good judgement & be open to what the spirit trys to tell us, not every door that opens is meant to be walked through

how sweet are thy words unto my taste!yea sweeter than honey to my mouth


Are you rejoicing today? Do you wait to feel good to rejoice? Do you rejoice even when things go wrong? when things look hopeless?

there's been rain the last few days & the grass is getting out of hand,making for more work but I will still rejoice as I am reminded what Spring time will bring to the yard

sometimes I get so en gulped in the word & in his presence that the house goes unattended to my liking but I still rejoice when company comes a knocking

I do on occasions have bad hair days but I can still rejoice that it doesn't stop me in my tracks

I often think of a dear friend who while going through chemo, lost all of her hair ,upon picking her up one Sun. for church she said wait! I forgot to brush my hair, then she laughed & said oh never mind I forgot I had no hair! with all she went through she rejoiced because she served a living God & he dwells within her

I rejoice because I have three beautiful grown children, two wonderful caring & supporting son-n-laws & seven precious grandchildren,one out those three grown children is not where they need to be with the Lord, they have lost their way & the enemy desire to created a pit for them as like Joseph in Gen.37 but Prov.22 reminds me that because I trained them up in the ways that they should go as a small child they will not depart from it, I speak life into my child I speak to that pit that the enemy has prepared causing them to give up on the dream God has shown them , causing them to lose all hope of reaching that dream, one thing the enemy never learns is that when a mama gets mad it's worse than that saying, madder than a wet hen, she will turn on you like termite on wood for because I have seen the end of my dream I can go to the pit the enemy has prepared to highjack their dream & there I see my future daughter-n-law & I command that seed to come forth , I rejoice because also coming forth outta that pit is my daughter-n-law to be along with my sweet grand babies

with a growing family my home is not as large as I would like it be or think it should be lol but I still rejoice while baking cookies in the kitchen with the grands, sitting in the middle of the bed reading together, enjoying popcorn & movies in the den,teaching my older grands to sew in my sewing room,sitting here in my office pouring my heart out to whoever happens to click on,

going through old photo's with the grands & telling off on their parents & so much more, I rejoice for there is much to be thankful for,yes compared to some friends homes mine is smaller but others it is larger so with that in mind when I am surrounded by my grands & reminded of all there is to rejoice over it makes my home just the right size

ohh if we could just learn to turn our complaining into rejoicing how much more could God move in our lives, start today by rejoicing & turning that house into a home, begin to fill it with laughter & with memories, my grand babies wont remember how small or how big Nanna's house was they'll remember the good times! There is much to rejoice about, for I want them to know this mighty God I serve,I want them to know how to a prayer warrior , I want them to know that all these promises can be passed down to their children, I want them to learn to rejoice!

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Brian + Cheryl B. said...

it does not take money to build good memories. Nor does it takes lots of space. It just takes LOVE! :-)