Thursday, August 4, 2011


ok so here’s the problem, 2 months of computer guy not putting in the right thing to begin with & adding all new things I didn’t ask for nor know how to work, & taking off programs that I had ohhh lets cut through the chase here if possible ~lol~

when I go to make a post & click “publish” I get  “java script void” popup,java’s on here so not sure what’s going on with that

so Maurine suggest using the “live writer” that’s a good thing as I am able to be telling you my troubles ~lol~ buttttt it doesn’t let me post pictures, when I click insert pic  & pull up files  I can’t find it even though it’s there when writer is off…so figure!

I’m posting this on all  my blogs, I need all the help I can get ~lol~

sooo anybody out there know anything about how to get my java outta the void mode so I can get back to posting the normal way?

I’m posting this on all my blogs, I need all the help I can get ~lol~

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