Sunday, September 25, 2011


 Mark 7:28 she answered and said unto him yes Lord 

no matter what comes my way & a lot has been coming this past weekend, I still rejoice for this is the day that the Lord has made(Ps.118:24)

as my husband is preparing to have to go out of town for the week, our water line decides to burst & there’s no help in sight till Wed. so I learn where the little knob is to turn on/off the water which is not fun, it’s deep into the ground & out on the main road for all the world to see lol,if that’s not enough he turns from that project to go gas up my vehicle hummm batteries dead , soo with the battery charging a book I recently bought comes to mind


no matter what the enemy throws at me there’s no denying I’m still blessed, we began to talk about how this is nothing compared to the tornado we just came through & that by the grace of God we’re still here,life will always throw things our way & not every day will be perfect but God is the same yesterday today & forever, as long as I have breath I will praise him, he will send the right people to fix the water that will give us the best price *for the Lord shall be thy confidence and shall keep thy foot from being taken (PROV:3:26)I refuse to be defeated this coming week, I still have breath to praise him, I am still able to go into my secret place where he calls me friend , I still can rejoice in his goodness, I can still feed my soul through his word, yes because I still say YES LORD it will be a great week!some of my favorite chapters in Psalms are:






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