Wednesday, June 6, 2012


(Ps.91:7) A thousand shall fall at thy side and ten thousand at thy right hand but it shall not come night thee
When trials come,there is peace in knowing there is an unseen hand guiding us through the storms  of this life,Ps.31:23 tells us  that he preserves the faithful
has there been times in your life circumstances  you knew there was none other than the hand of God that saw you through it, for me there’s more than I can count, my mind goes back to family vacation way back in the 60’s, my sister, me, 2 cousins & mom & dad, mom was sitting on the beach while we all were in the water on floats, out of nowhere a wave came & swept us out clear out of sight of the beach, people swam towards us & just as they reached us , we began to go further out,they said we we too far & turned back, I remember my dad screaming come back!the horror my dad must of felt in that moment, the fear that gripped my sweet mamas heart when she saw those men swim back in without her love ones , for she just knew the sharks had got us but by the grace of God waves began to roll pushing us back towards the shore , the enemy had plans to  destroy us that day but God had other plans in mind for us
this past year we went through a horrible tornado, our town is still in much needed repairs as our property, trees falling al around, crashing in the carport, my new Van & everything in its path ,again the enemy had plans to destroy us but God sheltered us with his wings & thou death was at the door it could not come neigh us!
Do you have a testimony of how God saved you from the snare of the enemy?
God is good, In him will I trust, he is my refuge in times of trouble, in him there is peace
I will both lay me down in peace,and sleep for thou Lord only makest me dwell in safety (Ps.4:8)

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