Monday, August 20, 2012


David & Sandra Mills Missionaries to Africa were in service with us Sunday morning, sharing the word & a slide show of what God has done & is doing in Africa, we prayed over 180 dresses that was sent back with him , we will continue to make more to take to him in Tenn. in the following weeks to come God is really blessing this Ministry & we give him all the praise


(L-R) David & Sandra Mills,Missionaries to Africa, Pastor Bill & Teresa Lollar,A.Pastor's Helen & Terry Chaffin 


( Pauline Baker) : Helen am so amazed at the labor for Missions that Fleetwood has accomplished. It is such a
Joy to see your posts. I know that it has been done by a heart for this ministry and some diligent work by the ladies. Congrats to Fleetwood on your work for the Master.

(Carolyn Herren) :Would like to see the look on those little girls faces when they get the dresses, and we know this is just the beginning. Praise GOD!!!!

(Sheri  Colburn) :Love the service yesterday and message!



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