Monday, March 24, 2014



Do you know that ole saying, when it rains it pours? seems like it’s been raining a lot “LIFE” that is, Feb, it was one thing after another with the computer, sewing, uploading pictures anything to do with sewing , you name it  & it went ka pootie lol! then we have March, we had to admit my dad into the hospital & into ICU he went, he is home now but still have a ways to go to being completely well, him & mom are staying at my sisters until he gets back to his ole self again momndad

as far as sewing goes, I am working getting all those post uploaded late as they may be, I am walking away from doing anymore  new challenges till we get mom & dad back home

the wrap dress for the Miss Bossy challenge won by a mudslide with 22 votes to 5 on the others


so I’m finishing that up in-between life's happenings, speaking of happenings, as many of you know I have other blogs & I often ask what you'd like to see more of & encourage you to put your two cents worth in, I guess no one has 2c to put an opinion in but that’s ok I love all my little “peekers” I know they're out there they’re just not making their presence known lol!

blogging may be  a little slow right now but I’ll never be in it for the popularity, I do it because I enjoy it & if life  gets in the way that's ok, blogging is like having company, when someone knocks on the door aren’t we glad to see them? offer them a cool drink? sit on the porch? etc? do we cry if nobody comes the next day? noooo do  we worry that no one will ever come again? noooo, we go about our routine & embrace the next visit because we know all is well!



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