Wednesday, December 28, 2011


  jens07 what comes to mind when you hear the word celebrate, automatically we connect it with party , according to Webster it is a  day of rejoicing, to observe, to praise publicly, to honor
This month of December has been full of celebrating as well well as sorrow,today we  ceelbrate 37 yrs of marraige, wow how close to 40 is that! in just a few days will ring in another New Year, do you have hopes, dreams, plans for the new year, I have seen what's beyond the door & can't wait for God's perfect timming to walk through it, have you thought about those resolutions, how about going into that secret place & making new resolutions to serve him whole heartly with all your might, to draw closer than ever before,to place it in his hands & trust him completly,put on that spiritual warfare & fight for those things God has promised , listen to the song HOW CAN I KEEP FROM SINGING, perhaps this could be your New Years Resolution!


Deanna said...

Dear One, Wishing you a very happy Anniversary!!!! God bless you as you forged ahead into 2012! Awesome that you have 37 years together as husband and wife.


tllollar said...

Happy belated Anniversary!!! We truly love and appreciate you both more than you will ever know!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Oct was our 37th anniversary also! Dec 28th is my youngest daughter's birthday...she was 30 years old.