Saturday, December 24, 2011


As I watch an Aunt cry over her son's casket, as I watch a wife fall to pieces, as I watch sweet grandbabies stand close by, as I watch sisters whisper what to do about Christmas & presents with his name on them, I am assured that through all things we serve a God bigger than all our worries & we must stand in the gap & lift up those who are too weak to stand in this moment, we live this life one breath at a time, don't just invite Christ into your home for Christmas but with every breath give him praise
never knowing what this ole world will dish out it is so important to know in whom we serve, this past week I was surrounded with all my kids & sweet grandbabies for an early Christmas, today I am surrounded with cousins who has lost a brother unexpectedly, tomorrow I will naturally assume I’ll be surrounded  with my parents & sister, nieces etc., we have but one life to live in this walk of life & we must choose to live it to the fullest & the best of our ability with Christ always being in the center of it
there are times I must admit I stay a little too busy & need to sit at his feet more, there are times when all I want to do is drink in his goodness, we have to live in this world but we must always remember to keep Jesus number one in our life, even with everything this world has to offer  just give me Jesus!
as you gather with loved ones this Christmas season, remember who it was that gave you that gift & give him praise!

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Deanna said...

God's comfort to you and for you always.......