Thursday, December 1, 2011


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Day 31 is here! When I think of Proverbs  I usually think of the virtuous woman but when you go through & really absorb the word & use  Amy’s soap application  you see proverbs in a different light

S…scripture, which scripture do you feel God is speaking to you

O… observation , what might he be telling you in that scripture

A…application , how can you apply the scripture to your life

P…prayer, what is your prayer to ask God in helping you make that application

did you know that there are over 10 chapters that talk about the mouth?

there is life & death in the tongue & we need to be careful what we say & how we say it (18:21)

have you enjoyed going through proverbs in 31 days, did you learn something you didn’t know before , do you have a favorite chapter?


proverbs 31

the virtuous woman takes care of her household, she rises up early to prepare for her day, she gardens, she sews,  she does the shopping,  ,she makes her husband proud, he knows he can trust her, she ministers to the poor , wisdom & kindness comes out of her mouth, she tends to household chores & is not idle, her lifestyle is know by the fruit she bears & praised in the gates

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Deanna said...

Howdy from Kansas!
May you have a happy Holiday month.

SOAP...This is truly a neat formula to think about and use.
I like this!

Think Proverbs is one of my favorite Biblical Books. I just suggested to my oldest son to read a chapter a day for devotions and to think about what it says. Dec. chapter 1, Dec. chapter 2, etc.

I was blessed today to read your blog!
God bless,