Monday, April 16, 2012


Who doesn’t love to receive flowers,perhaps you're an outdoors person & love to be surrounded with flowers, building flower beds you have sweet memories of those sweetheart roses on Valentines Day? is it as important to you now to receive flowers as it was back then?Flowers have always played a big role in Birthdays, Births, Anniversaries,graduations, dates, Proms,hospital stays, special occasions, weddings & so forth

A flower is the reproductive structure of a seed bearing plant, when we see signs of flowers blooming & birds singing we know Spring is near just like in the Song Of Solomon

The flowers appear on the earth,the time of the singing of birds is come and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land (Solomon 2;12)

what’s better than receiving flowers? Look around & see the blessings of the Lord,when our grass needs cutting these yellow flowers are everywhere among other wild flowers


God gives us flowers everyday & aren’t those the best kind? flowers05

The next time you see flowers pop up ,know that God loves you!

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Deanna said...

Beautiful flowers!
Thank you for this message.

God bless,
d from the kansas prairie