Friday, April 6, 2012


The ladies of my church has been working hard, well me too lol!  we’ve been sewing for Little dresses for Africa for about two weeks now & we have 93 ready for shipping,there’s anywhere from 5-8of us meeting each week for a fun day of fellowship & sewing,we had to pull in an extra table to set up machine as we had 2 new faces join us this week                                              

Faye patiently waits as for finished dresses to run the ribbons through at the cut out table  as I have named her our ribbon lady lol the table at the other end is our cut out table, then passed to the next for sewers to pick up & sew

sweet Melissa(@ machine) was off work & stopped by to fix our lunch,’sweet!” her sister snagged her & taught her to sew, great job getting us one more sewer Debbie! by the way Melissa caught on really fast & said she’d be back next week!

we whipped out 15 this week plus ones that some took home to work on so our count should be well into the 100’s when we meet back next week, Lee& I will meet early Tue. morning & have a cutting day that will put 2 extra at the machines oh my!





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Cyn said...

you ladies have been working hard! Awesome!!