Wednesday, January 1, 2014




I pray that all of you are experiencing  a great start to the New Year, at some point in your day could you just whisper the name John, he lies in ICU on life support, his life is hanging by a thread, my niece Tracy is devastated, doctors are pressuring her to make decisions, brothers, sisters, cousins, mothers, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews huddled in a waiting room believing for a miracle

through  the years of blogging I’ve seen followers come & go if there’s nothing posted quick enough, I’ve even had a friend tell me once that if  a blogger goes two days without posting she deletes them, I know I’m probably not the most exciting blogger to follower & I do get behind more than once & I’m not going to go into a long spill as to why I blog but if you’re gone  you’ll be be sadly missed

for at this time my place is beside my niece who is hurting for her husband, my place is beside my sister who is hurting for her daughter, my place is beside nieces & nephews  who are hurting for their sister, my place is beside  little ones who don’t understand why we can’t run & play, why we have to be quite but more importantly my place is at the feet of Jesus crying out for mercy for John

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Cyn said...

I will keep John in my prayers. I can only imagine the hurt and fear that is going through you all. He is a mighty God!!!

PS I love reading blogs..when they are posted every day or once a month!

Bless you and you family.