Sunday, February 27, 2011


Do you love to read? Outside of busy & reading for studying I don't have as much time as I'd like for reading & when I do read it usually will wind up somewhere in my teachings at the Ladies meetings, I love the classics as well but those books are few & far between as one title that says it best ,they are becoming Gone With The Wind LOL LOL

I'm just finishing up Season Of Blessing
(from inside flap)concerned over her increasing fatigue,Sylvia's husband, Harry has sent her home from their mission work in Nicaragua to undergo testing,the diagnosis is numbing....cancer....a stark,terrifying word that will uterly reshape the trajectory of Sylvia's life

This week I will begin Secrets of The Secret Place by Bob Sorge
Intro: Everything of God flows out of the secret place,Everything good and lasting, everything that survives the ultimate test is born in the secret place, we can make it, to heaven with empty hands but why do that? why not go instead with crowns to lay at his feet?If we give him crowns it will be because we met Jesus daily in the secret place...Floyd McClung

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