Saturday, March 5, 2011


You've heard that expression right? when you want to voice an opinion & they say they floor is open for comments at this time LOL,the world of blogging can be whatever we want it to be, with this new blog I pray that it will be encouraging & uplifting to all of my followers, commeters & peekers alike LOL, differnt blogs attract different crowds, I've noticed crafters ,people I do shows with, communicate on sewing,prim forums etc. will lean towards my raggedys-prims blog more so my Nanna's place blog,ones that aren't into crafting, sewing etc. will lean more toward comments on the other blog,SITTING AT HIS FEET is my newest blog which is leaned toward my ministry,my family, my grand children, my home etc are all blessings of God,there's church life, being head & speaker of our Ladies ministry & church even coordinated & decorator there's always something going on, things I usually post under Sunday Selections over at Nannas Place
OK I said you had the floor & I just took off talking LOL LOL
soooooo what would you like to see here at Sitting at his feet
what would draw you back more often
would you like to see more church events
happenings with the grandchildren(there's a b'day happening today for our 3yr old twin grands)lol
good book referrals(I am an advive reader) LOL

all related post to crafting, blog memes, etc are what my other blogs are for, Sitting at His Feet was created through his sweet spirit within me to encourage & uplift those who passes by whether they be followers, commenter or peekers

so the floor is open
what would like to see

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