Saturday, May 21, 2011



mental suffering or pain caused by injury,loss or despair

we all come come up with a list of things that has brought sorrow into our lives one way or another, our town was hit by a tornado & destroyed over half the town, there are still masses of destruction everywhere, everywhere you turn there is evidence of sorrow on faces, despair of the homeless, the motherless ,the sorrow of those who are still searching for their loved ones

God tells in his word that our sorrow will be turned into joy (Jh.16:20) in Isa. we see that the Lord shall give us rest from our sorrow(Isa.14:3)

A friend of ours faced his greatest fear when pulled his grandmother out from the rubble of her home,our hearts are heavy for their loss

a sweet precious little granny from the church runs to the bathroom & jumps in the tub during the storm only to witness the roof fly off above her then the house explode all around her, all she has to show for is the cloths she had on but by the grace of God he wrapped his arms around her & & her life was spared, all I can do is squeeze her , hug her pinch her little ole cheeks & tell how much I love her & her response is always the same, God's not through with me yet & I know I'll make it

today we ran into a couple who hasn't been able to come to church for a while due to health reasons, it was so good to see them & see them able to get about, along side them stood three beautiful little girls, she introduced as her grand daughters , the youngest looked to be about six or seven, looked up at me with eyes wide & beaming & said"my mama died & we have to live with Nanna now" ohhh how my heart shattered , how it ached in that moment, holding back the tears I hugged her & told her I was so sorry , she smiled up at me & said it's ok, Nanna's spoiling us rotten

just as that child put her trust in her Nanna to make everything ok, Jesus wants us to put our trust in him to make it all better, to rest in him, to lean on him in times of sorrow, while I live will I praise the Lord, I will sing praises unto my God while I have any being (Ps.146:2)

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