Tuesday, May 10, 2011


so much as happened this past 2 weeks that it is over whelming as many know we were hit by a tornado, this is the worse ever that it made world wide news, & when you are so use to be the giver it is hard to be on the other end of that outstrected hand, red cross, out of town contractors passing by, the baptist relief etc has gone far beyond helping us as well as my pastors family & the church, we are alive & still blessed but just outside the door there is destruction for miles & miles, so many are still missing, all the hospitals are full & sheds are filling up quick of deceased, here is a fowl smell in the air, buzzards are flying everywhere you look, I plead with you my friend, if you don't know Jesus , call on him this day for the only true safe place when destruction such as this hits is to know that you have accepted him as your Lord & savior
here is a link of what is left of our town

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Deanna said...

Will be praying.