Tuesday, October 11, 2011


 After walking around the yard today seeing what else needed to be done ,I noticed flowers that’s never been there before , we’ve been here about 22 years & today’s the first I've ever seen of these flowers, flower03 perhaps the tornado blew some seed  my way but I’d like to think  Jesus sent me flowers today ,there were the sweetest purple ones at the corner of the yard  flowers01  flowers02 around the propane tank there were the sweetest little white ones,  like tiny daises where  the tree took out my blueberries , morning glories has popped up, I looked up morning glories & found they are the symbol of a new day, flowers04we’re still making repairs from the tornado but we are blessed & a new day is coming, I laughed as I thought of how many times I‘ve tried to get a nice flower bed going & all of a sudden these flowers appear everywhere, the thought came  to me “Jesus gave me flowers today” I took it a step further & found

Solomon 2 :12

The flowers appear on the earth the time of the singing of the birds is to come & the voice of the turtle dove is heard in our land

some of the best things in this life are free, John 8:36 says if the son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed

look around you & see the beauty God has placed in your life, embrace all the “free things” that make you smile

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Deanna said...

Sweet Autumn Blessings to you!
The sound of turtle doves is so pleasant to hear. We have some around here and when they coo it's so sweet.

The flowers are beautiful. It really is a treat to be surprised by flowers we haven't seen before. What a delightful surprise!!!

I think the flowers are a gift from God. He knows we need some beauty in our lives, especially Ladies!

God bless,