Thursday, October 13, 2011


If you’ve never been to the Miracle Theater in Pigeon Forge Tenn.I encourage you to go,last week when a group of us ladies from church were in Chattanooga  we decided to go in between conference times & it was a 2 hour drive from where we were attending the conference, getting us back to the hotel around 1:30 am & having to be at the conference the next morning at 8:00 but boy was it worth it!four women running on 4 hours sleep & trying to get ready in one room was a hoot to!

this is their final season they say the expense to feed the animals is getting too expensive so I’m returning this next coming weekend with my husband as we’d talked about going for years , so I get to see it again yea! when I made the reservations it only let me choose 2 rows putting up way up on row K but when I called & asked what does open seat mean on the site they asked would I like to be closer & bumped me down 5 rows to center F whoo hoo!

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