Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Jesus Jesus at your feet
Oh to dwell and never leave
Jesus Jesus at your feet
Nowhere else I'd rather be.........

do you ever just crave his word more & more,at the end of each day can we say we've spent enough time sitting at his feet absorbing his plans for us? his blessings, do we study to show ourselves approved enough to be able to tell others why & how he can do the same for them as he has for us? if you woke in your right mind today he you have reason to give him praise,he doesn't have to give us another day, he chooses to to in order that we might have one more day to praise him , one more day to come to know him as our Lord & savior, so don't put off another day to acknowledge him before it's too late ,seek the Lord while he still can be found

PSALMS 146:1-2
Praise ye the Lord,praise the Lord oh my soul
While I live will I will praise the Lord
I will sing praises unto my God
While I have any being
we are down to four days of the Daniel fast, wow can you believe it!almost three weeks have come & gone ,this is day 17,leftovers from yesterday was as good as when I 1st cooked it lol Mexican Rice & Beans (pg173)

this mixture of brown rice,rotell tomatoes,black beans,cumin,Chile powder,garlic,red onion& parsley makes this recipe a keeper for when we want Mexican but don't wantta go out,there's a little prep work sauteing the onions, simmering for 45 min ohh but so worth the wait

the other day I came across corn chowder on Kristens website(The Ultimate Daniel Fast) & decided to give it a try,this one required stepping outta my comfort zone of food as I knew it ,potatoes I knew,corn I knew but almond milk???? LOL bring to a boil, take 1/2 & blend through blender then return to pan (this makes it thick) then simmer simer simmer were all these little steps worth it? yep it was for it was might tasty!

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