Thursday, January 13, 2011


Anything that says chili has to taste good , right? well it wasn't good, it was DELICIOUS! lol
We had a busy day , going here & there, ending up at the grocery store & coming home making Jamaican chili in Kristen's book The Ultimate Daniel fast, this recipe is a keeper for sure

you start out sauteing onions & yellow bell peppers in olive oil till translucent aww can you smell that?

then add all other ingredients & spices

bring to a boil then cover & simmer for 30 min. do you have trouble wanting to take the lid off to peek or stir when it tells you to do something like this? lol but I must walk away & let the simmer do it's thing LOL & the wait is so worth it, you'll discover that it thicken & all those flavors blended ohhh so heavenly now where's my bowl I'm hungry!

**just a small note** hubby opened the rotell/chili tomatoes meant for when I make the green salsa instead of diced tomatoes which made it a little spicy but not so's you couldn't eat it so if you like more of a kick go with the rotell ,now he gets to go back to the store tomorrow for another can of rotell/diced tomatoes lol


Samantha said...

Looks delicious !!

Nanna said...

thanks Samantha, it was surprisinly good & as it simmers it thickens up & really does taste like chile, getting the tomatoes mixed up gave it a little extra kick lol but was still good

tllollar said...

Thanks for the bowl of chili. It was great.