Saturday, January 15, 2011


it felt so good to purge the fridge today, to rid it of things we can't have for now, does a body good to have a purty fridge LOL free from inpuritites,to purify as if by cleansing
(2Tim.2:21 ) if a man therefore purge himself from these ,he shall be a vessel unto honor,sanctified,and meet for the master's use and prepared for every good work set apart,to make holy,to purify
(1Tim.4:5) For it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer

purging doesn't just apply to what we eat but every aspect of our lives, what are we filling our spirits with by what we watch, by what we read, by how we spend out time, all things work together to the good for them that love the Lord, but there must be balance making sure we put God first in everything we do

here we are at day seven of our Ultimate Daniel fast, wow where did the week go? one down & two to go,tonight I kept it simple,salad with tomatoes,cucumber,& vinaigrette dressing

& homemade vegetable soup, potatoes,frozen vegetables,diced tomatoes


tllollar said...

I like this. I am very proud of you and Terry. God is going to reward you. Love you!!!

Samantha said...

Have a blessed Sunday dear friend !