Friday, January 14, 2011


Psalms 70:1
Make haste,O God to deliver me,make haste to help me O Lord

As we went about our day today,we stopped off at Hobby Lobby, just so happens one of the many business around it is a Full Moon Bar-B-Q in the same parking lot , as we took deep breaths of that sweet aroma in the air, I mention we'd better hurry & get inside Hobby Lobby!LOL

six days into the fast & can't believe we're not missing the meat"yet" LOL but all ended well, we can home & made a deliscious supper , I wanted to do something different with the Brussels sprouts & thought humm I'll saute some onions to go with them, then I came across on pg 147 "Italian Style Broccoli ",humm this could work lol & the recipe called for tomatoes, garlic, onion & waa laa another keeper for the recipe files

there is also a recipe called "cinnamon baked apples"(apples-cinnamon-apple juice) humm I have all those things, think ,think with the brain humm you're allowed sweet potatoes so wa la I came up with apple & sweet tater cinnamon bake LOL they cooked down in the apple juice & was so tender & um um good!

the rice in the picture looks white,but trust me it's brown rice LOL
And if any man hunger let him eat at home ICor.11:34


Samantha said...

Love that verse and the food looks yummy !!

tllollar said...

Looks good!!!